How To Porting Python3 Code To Python2 (3to2)

# 1. Use package ‘3to2’

The ‘3to2’ refer below:


1.1. Install

Install ‘3to2’ package in your python 3 env.

Note! Attention! Please!

If you installed python2 and python3.


pip3 install 3to2

pip default using version is python2. pip3 is using for python3.

So! pip3 install 3to2 will be recommended, while your system have to version of python 2 and 3.
Because 3to2 only run in python version > 3.x
Because of this reason, I met the some frustation. So, that’s all.

1.2. Usage

You can get the file 3to2 from

Or create a file 3to2 at the folder you want to porting you code from python3 to python2.

The code of 3to2 is below:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys

from lib3to2.main import main


Then, run like this to cover the python3 code to python2:

python3 ./3to2 -w

-w: means write the change to current file,and make a bak file at the same folder sametime.

# 2. Test ENV

  • System: Kali(debian 8)
  • python: 3.6 and 2.7