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Clone Hugo To Other Desktop

First of all, I will never use or gitee for my blog repos deploy, they are not confortable to me, so sad, so bad.

My hugo have three repos:

  1. hugo(hugo resource, private repo) - root
  2. zozo(theme/zozo, private repo) - submodule
  3. public(html files, public repo) - submodule

Maybe, you have this structure too.
I clone my repo hugo to my other desktop, but theme and public folders are blank.
Now, fix it!


Git Tips

# Constantly

# git remote add
git remote add origin
# git remote 重新设置
git remote set-url origin
git push -u origin master
git clone themes/zozo
git submodule add themes/ananke
git submodule add -b master public
git config --global ""


干货:从hexo转到hugo写了个python3的脚本: migrate hexo to hugo,毕竟快一年没用Python了,如果有问题欢迎骚扰.



Cisco sshd config

  1. test if device can up sshd service


# show ip ssh

SSH Disabled - version 1.99
%Please create RSA keys to enable SSH (and of atleast 768 bits for SSH v2).
Authentication methods:publickey,keyboard-interactive,password
Authentication timeout: 120 secs; Authentication retries: 3
Minimum expected Diffie Hellman key size : 1024 bits
IOS Keys in SECSH format(ssh-rsa, base64 encoded): NONE

means’ ssh supported just need config